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Kickstart your trading journey

Generate income.
Learn the skill. 
Be a part of a community.

Bring your trading to new highs by joining our inclusive, well-rounded community of traders from all levels. 

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Many that trade with us are similar to the average Joe. Working a full time job, taking care of children, busy schedule. We know the feeling. Times are stressful and generating side income is a priority. 

By joining the community, you will be exposed to a robust environment of great stock discussion amongst brilliant minds. There will also be educational material provided, along with charts and due diligence to show you how you can learn this high-income skill for yourself. 

With more than 4,000 current members in our community, we strive towards maintaining a positive, friendly atmosphere so traders of any level will feel welcomed. While learning the skill and generating income is a top priority, we hold a high standard of respect. 


Equity Signals

Premium Membership

$10/month - Monthly Subscription
$120/lifetime access - One time payment
Access to a VIP Trading Chat Room with Traders of all Levels
Real Time Day/Swing Alerts 
Access to Free Educational E-books
Trade Analysis 

Big Wolf

Mentorship Program

High Intensity Trading Course
Two 1-on-1 Sessions with
Big Wolf
Access to an Exclusive Mentorship Discussion Room with Highly Motivated Individuals
For More Info,
Refer to the 'Subscription-Signup' section in the
Discord Channel
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$899  - One time payment
All Premium Membership Benefits (Lifetime)

Daytrading Bootcamp

Specialized Daytrading Course Taught by Lexi
Morning Prep, Chart Analysis with Entry/Exit Strategies
Pattern-focused Trading Technique
Access to an Exclusive Mentorship Discussion Room with Highly Motivated Individuals
$599  - One time payment




"The program has been very beneficial for me as I have finally been able to keep my gains by following step by step what Big Wolf teaches us throughout the program. I am very grateful with that I invested the money to be in the mentorship program that I have seen gains in my portfolio that I have never seen before. Big Wolf knows what he is doing and explains it’s well step by step and always can ask him anything if you don’t understand I am very grateful with him that he changed my trading style and hope to be like him some day. My account is around 22k thanks to Big Wolf and excited for this year to use everything I have learned throughout the program. In the picture below will be my profits I have made in 3 months after the mentorship program."


For the Equity Signals Community Scholarship Program,

we will be choosing special recipients that show great effort and dedication in learning the skill of trading, and those individuals will receive the proceeds from this contribution to fund their learning journey in the stock market. 


Be a Member in the Equity Signals Trading Community.